“Visitors entering the country will be asked if they’re Muslim.  If they answer affirmatively, they will be turned away… It’s just temporary—until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”  (But you know we won’t agree about what’s going on, so you know, it could go longer than that.  Don’t you think?)

Many things can be said about Donald Trump.  He’s a fascist, a Nazi, a racist and misogynist.  He’s a pandering liar.  One thing for sure, he’s butt-ugly to the core.  He doesn’t think anything about throwing large segments of the population under the bus as long as he receives the adulation of those who would gladly lead a lynch mob—tar, feathers, rope and all.

One thing stupid people do is crow about how smart they are…  Nah.  I don’t think I want to go in this direction.  I don’t have to argue that Trump is stupid.  It’s as plain as his big, you-can-see-from-outer-space, glow-in-the-dark, orange head.

He’s incredibly obtuse. The internment of all Japanese Americans during WW2 was one of the ugliest things this country has committed against its own citizens. It was acknowledged as an atrocity by the most-revered Republican of them all, Ronald Reagan.  Trump reminds us that this occurred under the direction of FDR, “one of the most respected” leaders.  That dumbass.  He cited this to establish precedence in order to justify his huge idea.  (Apparently white folks weren’t scared of German and Italian Americans as they were of Japanese Americans. So, off to the desert you go!)  When Ronald Reagan apologized to the victims of the internment, that was one thing he did I had to respect.  A right-of-center politician was compelled to come clean on an egregious national policy, it says, “What we did was foul and fucked up.  We’re sorry, and we’re never going back there again.”

When I see that slogan, “Make America great again,” I hear this, too, “Make America white again,” when nonwhites and non-Christians were treated as second-class citizens (or less); when bigotry was explicitly codified in our laws.

Trump is a dupe.  He’s advocating for the very thing ISIS wants the west to do: alienate all Muslims and go fight them (ISIS) in Syria/Iraq.  There are over a billion and a half Muslims in the world! Does he think Muslims are only from the Middle East? Is he telling Muslims go fight for ISIS and fight the West? (Because you want sharia law everywhere.) Does he think the West can defeat IS without Muslim intelligence?  No war has been won without intelligence.

It’s a macabre reversal that black experience in America. From slavery through the late 20th century, we’ve had to “prove” to the dominant culture (white America) our worth.  I think after WW2, most of us thought that we would be treated as equals after “proving” ourselves when we fought for this country.  Of course, that didn’t happen.  America was too hard-hearted to see, or hear or feel.  And too stupid to care.  I hope Muslims (especially native-born Muslims) are sophisticated enough not to fall for that trap. I hope they can smell the injustice of such a call.   To them I say, “Don’t do it.  You’ll never win.”

Butt-ugly is calling to its own, and it is answering back.  They’re arming themselves to the teeth.  You know if you can’t “prove” yourself to them, they believe they are justified to take your life whether that means your livelihood, your freedom, your loved ones or the spirit in you that makes you alive.


Tis the season is to look for examples of the war against Christianity.  Over the weekend, news broke that many evangelical Christians are decrying Starbucks decision to have red cups with their logo on them as being anti-Christmas.  I have at least a couple (sigh–there’s more) of issues with this:

  1. First and foremost, SO WHAT?  Are those red cups supposed to mean something other than signifying “Tis the Season?” It was a commercial decision to fit in with other retailers to promote their product, not a declaration of war against Christmas. I don’t think Starbucks is mocking God to the degree we do when we conjure up phony fights.
  2. There are real battles us to fight:  Poverty, racism, hatred, and lies, just to name four.  Every Christian’s battlefield is over the thoughts of his mind, not against perceived slights and omissions.  Those are squalls of babies, not the rallying cry of soldiers to combat.  
  3. We show the light of Christ in us when we reach out in compassion and love to others–especially to those whom society writes off as undeserving or worthless.  We exhibit Christ when we pray, not cluck like upset chickens.
  4. Why do they expect non-Christians to act like Christians? By how many act, being mean and irrational and whatnot, who’d want to be like us?
  5. Finally, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

Source: When It’s Better to Cry than to Preach

Source: An Open Letter on Gun Control to the Left and the Right from a Mom.

More Dumb Shit

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Titles are the hardest.  I really didn’t want to come out this rough, but I did. A lot can be said for editing, but I didn’t want to waste time “fixing” something and softening–even altering the meaning.

Yesterday Rand Paul tried to draw a parallel between paying taxes and slavery. I think most overly simplified arguments are really too dumb to make. Most are as logical and convincing as my 8 year-old granddaughter’s. (Sorry, Alissa.)  And, I don’t want to bag on people with two-digit IQs, but I’m sure they’ll say,  “Damn, that’s dumb!”

He made an extremely simplistic case against taxation.  He said if you’re taxed at 100%, it makes you 100% slave.  50% makes you half slave, half free.   FFFUH…!

Tell that to a slave.

Slaves don’t pay taxes because they can’t!  What a monumental insult:

  • To all of my ancestors who were born into slavery or kidnapped for it.
  • To my intelligence.  I wish Rand Paul could look in my face right now and TRY to say that BS.  He’d be rightly ashamed and would go bury that shit.
  • To every poor person. They don’t pay taxes, but the rules and regs to receive welfare makes you a slave to the State. School and training is not an option, and when it is, it’s for jobs that just makes you less poor.
  • To all of America.

And I’m just as mad at the infotainment media for airing that shit–acting like, “This important, rich white man is saying something that merits our respect and awe.  Let’s talk about it like there’s value in what he’s saying.”  Some do ridicule his argument.  But like everything else that’s on TV or online, it’s a distraction that gets our attention.  If only we would dismiss him like a child who thinks he’s slick.


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A thought that haunts me is that I’m afraid that I am adrift. Not going in a purposed direction in my waking hours, nor by the way of Christ. No purposed directionor destination. Just drift mindlessly as the currents would take me.

This ain’t good.

In the way of the Lord…mmmm… I rehearse one night out the week for one Sunday service, may listen to the set later, get something decent (i.e. not too worn out) for church; hear the message; chat a bit; maybe go out and eat with (Christians call it “fellowshipping.”) Then the best part comes: I go home to get comfy and sleep as long as I want.

Something is amiss. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve lost a lot of momentum jacking around with 3 things:

  1. Can’t write on Penzu @ work
  2. Don’t want to “out” a racist, even though he’s really casually racist
  3. Wasted time playing online games b/c I don’t want to think sometimes.


I’ve posted what I thought was a well-composed post last night.  HOWEVER, it wasn’t that good since I left out a key linchpin.  The first place I want to confront racism is with my white born-again, Spirit-filled Christian friends.

Sometimes they should get a pass.  No one gets everything about “the other.”  They just don’t understand—and sometimes it’s no big deal.  A couple of them thought I had to curl my hair to get an Afro.   It’s not like I thought white women sat around thinking about black hair—my ‘do—but we’re 40 years post Black is Beautiful.

Many, regardless of ethnicity, think of racism as aggressive behavior—raging, cursing, name-calling, threatening, denying life and liberty.  Racism isn’t always mean and it isn’t always big.  Racism can be dumb, too.

Colorblindness isn’t the absence of racism. Equality doesn’t ensure its elimination. Racism is propagated and practiced by the dominant culture, to reinforce the subjugation of “the other.”  Bigotry and prejudice is in all mankind, but you have to be empowered to practice racism.

I guess this is what pisses me off about Lionel*.  He only knows the dominant culture but he’s indifferent to the cultures of other people.  It’s not his fault that when he wakes up, he doesn’t have to think about being a white guy in central New York.  He doesn’t have to be mindful how he interacts with the dominant culture.  Lionel thinks we’re like him even when we tell him we’re not.

Some people would think this is admirable—The Promise and The Dream achieved.  But I say not so.  Realizing  equality of humanity is a baby step.  Lionel is the offspring of the dominant culture.  But, it’s also steeped in fallacies and myths about itself and minorities.  I don’t want to validate that which minimizes, devalues and distorts me/my culture.  I lose the right to define myself.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve said, “Lionel, I didn’t come up in that.”  Xb When he plows through anyway, “Remember azuzzazuzazuzza?”  I hear, “Remember this really ‘white’ thing I’m about to say…”  I’m going to have to break it down to him like this:

Lionel, you have to understand, you are part of the dominant culture.  What you, like a lot of people of the dominant culture do, is that y’all DON’T RECOGNIZE nobody else UNLESS YOU WANT TO.  You don’t hear us.  And you don’t see because most of Y’ALL DON’T WANNA.  You’ll unless you have to.

So you do ignorant shit, like go into an Asian restaurant—and, don’t know that the drink you want is called green tea.  (Apparently, you thought of it as “the other’s” tea and never asked the server what kind of tea you’ve had.)

Because what comes out of your mouth?  You asked them, is their tea oriental?  I had two simultaneous thoughts:

Hell, it all comes from Asia!

And what rock have you been living under that you still call Asian people oriental?

It’s like the joke of a white person going to a soul food restaurant and asking for colored greens.

Truth be told, no white person we talked to Got It.  Every person of color—no lie, black and Latino—said these things:  That’s just unbelievable.  That’s ridiculous! Really? What the frig!  Would you like some spit with that tea?

A lot of amazement, head shaking, stuttering and puffing, teeth-sucking, and laughter. We only asked 3 or 4 white people.  I was hoping at least ONE of y’all would Get It.  But dammit, y’all don’t.

The dominant culture is shoved down my throat every day. I’m aware of it 24/7. No one can wake up black in this country without having one thought  tied to the dominant culture.

Stop talking to me like yours the only culture that matters. Just because I’m not shoving my culture down your throat every chance I get, doesn’t mean I don’t have one.  Black people’s problem is that we haven’t been vocal enough.  We’re too damned nice about it all, especially in the church.  And wait too damned long before we say anything (by then, we’re tired of getting our toes stepped on).  We gotta go over some 101 stuff with you before you understand shit.  And really, we don’t have time for teaching elementary stuff y’all should know.

And man, you said some crazy-ass shit in my living room.  You almost got cussed out twice in my house and once at church.  Doesn’t EVERYBODY knowwe HATE Uncle Clarence Thomas?  He is UNIVERSALLY reviled among American blacks.  You know I politely told you to shut the fuck up.  I almost spit.  You need to know the water temperature before you jump in.  Don’t elevate some dumb shit like that to me.

Another time, I dunno what the fuck we were talking about, but you let come out your mouth, “Maybe they need to be colonized.”  WHAT THE FUCK, LIONEL?!  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE SAYING? The implications?  Some nation INVADES another country.  That nation USES FORCE against the citizens TO SUBDUE them; then PROSPER off their land and the sweat of their labor.  VIOLENCE ENFORCES the INVADER’S POWER.  You’re talking about keeping a boot on someone’sneck.  Just because western imperialism happened, doesn’t make it right.  And you can’t make it right, regardless of what your mentors want you to believe.

I don’t know what crazy, fucked up shit you’ve been reading.  But I know it had to be fucked up when you kept trying to say praiseworthy shit about Winston Churchill. You try to make it sound like his aspirations as a young man were noble and godly. I think your intention was to share something you had learned. You kept bringing him up but you only revealed that you don’t know shit about Africa.  I mean, you really don’t know that Kenya and South Africa are in different parts of the fucking continent.  That’s insulting—like not caring what a woman’s name is—she’s just “some bitch.”

We know when you’re getting ready to wave the flag of some dumb white stupidity, even when you don’t.  Like I said, you’ve said some crazy shit, which makes me wonder who do you let talk in your ear?

Some shit you’ve said didn’t take someone talking in your ear—it comes from the culture at-large.  Like I said, y’all won’t learn otherwise if you don’t have to.

You’re the first person I’ve met who has never seen or read The Color Purple.  Yeah, you were high most of the time, but 30 years’passed since the movie was released.  As much buzz that there was, I would have thought you’d be at least curious.

At least you’d have known there are black characters that relate to EACH OTHER, beyond the scope of servants (Think Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima, characters created out off the nostalgia of white folks held of the Old South.)  Your ignorance shows that black lives really DON’T matter to you.  We’re here, but because we’re not empowered, you feel you don’t have to learn anything about us.It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

I thought while listening to you, “Lionel doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about again.”  It was clearyou saw but you didn’t see.  Before we’d left, I still didn’t know what you saw, but I knew it couldn’t be Aunt Jemima.

I got home.  Googled Madea and Oprah.  The videos popped up—commercials for OWN.  No he didn’t—don’t he know WTF OWN is? And doesn’t he see she’s wearing a hat, not a bandana.  So, are black women dressed like it’s 1910 supposed to be Aunt Jemima?

Why would you think—just ask yourself—it’s a rhetorical question.  Why would you think Oprah, of all people,is portraying Aunt Jemima?  What made you think it can only be Aunt Jemima walking down the road?  Why is she so pissed?  Whose ass is she gonna whup? Where the pancakes and syrup at?  She ain’t selling them today. There’s not a goddamn kitchen in sight! You know Aunt Jemima is somebody’s mammy.  Why would a random black woman on the road have to be somebody’s mammy?  Are we just a mammy army to you?

You see where this went?

Even though I talked to Lionel about it, I think I’ll ask him to read The Color Purple.  I’ll insist.

“Lionel is a fictional to name to protect his privacy.